Alienware Laptop VPN Issues

My Alienware laptop seemed unable to connect to any VPNs using the Windows inbuilt VPN feature. I had tested the exact same VPN on another computer and it worked correctly.

I ran through a number of different troubleshooting methods found on the Internet, including trying a number of different authentication settings suggested. However, none of these methods were successful.

As all of these methods appeared to solve most of the problems other people were having, I started to think the problem was more specific to my system. To test this theory I removed some of the additional networking features on my system including:

  • Uninstalling the OpenVPN TAP adapter
  • Disabling Hyper-V on the system to remove the additional network adapters it added

However, neither of these methods solved the problem. Finally, I uninstalled the “Killer” network drivers and software installed on the laptop from the factory to support the Killer WiFi and Ethernet cards installed in the laptop. After uninstalling the software, the VPN was suddenly able to connect. I have no idea why this software was causing the VPN to fail, however uninstalling it fixed the problem and does not seem to have impacted the performance of my networking hardware.

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